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ready for a coach?

Humans have lived for hundreds of years figuring s**t out for themselves...AND...

sometimes we need each other.


Together we can focus on you, your future, your career, your life.


This can be a one-time session, a series of sessions, or a customized working relationship. You decide. 

The first session is free.

Here are some ways we can work together:


Power Hour

Intense coaching hour to figure out a problem or work through what's weighing on your mind.


Career search

Whether you are starting your first career or changing from a current one, I can help you move forward.


IS THIS My Best Life?

In your career, job, or life, you could have more purpose and joy. Let me help you figure things out!

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Prefer to work in a small group? Check out The Grove Group Coaching Program

Want to learn more about me?  Click below. 

Let's chat about what plan works best for you! The first session is free.

What people are saying....

"I was struggling with my identity after I started a new job. Shelly was able to ask powerful and thoughtful questions which allowed me to work through why I was having a hard time understanding who I was."

B.B, Project Manager, Nevada

How 1:1 Coaching Works

We'll meet on zoom or in person. Whatever is comfy for you.

You are in control of what we discuss.

Here's some stuff you might bring to a session, a series of sessions, or a coaching relationship.  Maybe you are:

  • working through challenges in your current job (work/life balance, stress, not jibing with your colleagues or leaders). 

  • trying to figure out and implement next steps in your career plans

  • getting ready for a job interview or job search

  • finding it hard to prioritize your self-care (beyond the occasional bubble bath)

  • wanting to explore that "something" that seems to be missing in your job or life.

​I've worked with hundreds of people on the areas above.  During our time together, you will get a confidential space and a non-judgmental partner to help you look at where you are now and determine how to move toward the work life or personal life you want. Through deep listening and responsive questions, I'll support you in overcoming potential barriers that may be keeping you from where you want to be.  Sessions are totally customized and can be booked in a variety of ways. I am here for ya' for the times when it's hard to determine what's keeping you stuck. 

To find out more, book a "first-is-free" coaching session below. Together we can figure out if

coaching is what you need.


For Leaders

Whether you are a school site administrator, central office manager, corporate executive, or civic leader you have a responsibility for your staff, the work they do, and the impact they have. The role is an honor and a privilege.  The work is engaging and can be so gratifying.  I also know personally that, at times, leadership can be a lonely place.  It is hard for others to understand the challenges that leaders encounter personally and professionally. 

I am here to provide a confidential supportive space for you to work through those challenges. I will serve as your partner to unravel any confusion and help you get yourself on track to find joy in your purpose.

If you need consultant support in refining team communication at your site or in your department, check out how I can help with DISC for Teams.

At times when events at work and in the world dampen the spirit, coaching brightens the path.

Marcia Reynolds

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