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here's What I bring
to the coaching tree.

I have been coaching my entire careerDuring my 30 years as an educator, I spent the first half teaching high school students, coaching them on to college, career, and beyond through my AVID, English, and public speaking classes. For the last 13 years of my career, I served as a human resources director in charge of a mentoring program for teachers and administrators within a large school district.  I enjoyed onboarding new staff and training mentors and coaches in how to support folks who were new to the profession through being present, listening intentionally, and asking responsive and powerful questions. 

I have lived the life of a professional, an educator, and a leader. I know how it feels to be responsible for the success of a team, a program, or a service.  It is an honorable weight to carry and also one that can, at times, cause stress, life imbalance, indecision, and overwhelm.  That's why I am so passionate about supporting others no matter what their profession so they can stay grounded in their purpose and find joy in each day.

I have experienced joy and struggle... I have lost family members, suffered from panic attacks, been diagnosed with a chronic illness, lost a friend to suicide, lost a job, lost a home, and almost lost my marriage.  I have worked with amazing people and had amazing friends.  I have also worked with toxic people and had toxic friends. I have done all the things...therapy, marriage groups, self-help books, leaned on friends and family, and hired myself a life coach. Now, I can look back on my life and see how much I've grown. 


My mission is to use my gifts, credentials, and experience to give folks a jump-start on

living their best lives. 


I created The Coaching Tree to serve as a hub of resources so that people can take whatever time they need to reflect on their lives and their jobs. I am continuing to add thoughtful tools and tidbits of inspiration that have helped my clients so that folks can figure stuff out on their own. What I have learned from the people I have engaged with over the years is that everyone has the answers inside them. Sometimes those answers are just tricky to see.

My specialty is partnering with people who are working to discover what is most important to them as they strive to create the life they want.  As a coach I serve as an honest and reflective partner who will listen without judgement, I ask questions that get folks to think, and I provide a safe space for people to figure out their own answers. 


Working with my own coach had a profound effect on my life. When I retired unexpectedly to take care of family, I found myself a little out of sorts.  So, I hired a coach.  Throughout our sessions, I learned more about myself than I ever knew, re-aligned my life to my values, and, though it's not ever going to be perfect, created a life of joy and purpose.


I can honestly say that I am currently living my very best life. 

I am absolutely passionate about helping others do the same. 

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A Bit About Me

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My name is Shelly Groom. I live on a small plot of land surrounded by orange orchards in the Central Valley of California. I also have a cozy cabin in northern California which was always a dream of mine to own.

I have three grown children, four grandchildren, two horses, three chickens, two dogs, and one husband. My horses are retired from their original jobs, just like me. 

I love to work with clients from my my mini-barn

or in my home office surrounded by my library of self-helpery.

I have manifested my very best life over time—my relationships, my homes, my horses, even my mini-barn.

My influences are Brene Brown, Jen Sincero, Carol Dweck, James Clear,

Pooja Lakshmin, and Ruth Kudzi. 

high school photo.jpg

18-year-old me.....I blinked and 40 years went by!

Specific Experience, Training, & Credentials

I have a bachelors in communication and a master's in education. I have been trained in Costa and Garmston's Cognitive Coaching, Laura Lipton's Mentoring Matters, and The Association of Californa School Administrator's Leadership Coaching using the Tschannen-Morans' Evoking Greatness.  I received my coaching certificate through the Certified Life Coach Institute, am a member of the International Coaching Federation, and am currently working on my advanced credential through Optimus Coaching Academy, London.

I am also certified in the DISC profile system.  With regard to California Teacher Induction and CASC programs, I served as an induction director for 13 years, have been BIR trained, and have served as team lead on many accreditation site visits. 

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