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For Teachers

Oh, my dear teachers! YOU are the heart of education.  YOU are the ones who connect directly with students each day.  From my career as a teacher and my career providing support to teachers, I know how important you are, how much you love what you do, and the weight of responsibility you carry. I hope to provide support if you need it.  You can follow me on Instragram, join The Grove (coming soon), or reach out to me for 1:1 coaching.  First session is free.  Read on for more info.

How 1:1 Coaching Works

You are in control of the agenda for each session. 


You might be thinking about: 

  • how to work through a challenging situation;

  • how to improve work relationships;

  • ways you could prioritize your own well-being; 

  • taking a new step in your career; or

  • exploring the "something" that's missing in your life.

Coaching provides you with a confidential space and a partner to help you assess where you are now and determine how you might create the work life or personal life you desire. Through deep listening and strategic questions, I'll support you to evaluate and challenge any unhealthy mindsets as well as identify and overcome potential barriers that may be keeping you from where you want to be.  Sessions can be booked as needed or we can set up a series of meetings over time to support your vision and goals. 


To find out more, book a free, 30-minute Mini Coaching Session.  I'd love to meet you!

This is the orchard next to my house after a spring rain. Sometimes it's hard to trust the journey when the road gets sticky.

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