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For Leaders and Professionals

Whether you are a school site administrator, central office manager, corporate executive, or civic leader you have a responsibility for your staff, the work they do, and the impact they have. The role is an honor and a privilege.  The work is engaging and can be so gratifying.  I also know personally that, at times, leadership can be a lonely place.  It is hard for others to understand the challenges that leaders encounter personally and professionally. 

I am here to provide a confidential supportive space for you to work through those challenges. I will serve as your partner to unravel any confusion and help you get yourself on track to find joy in your purpose.

If you need consultant support in refining team communication at your site or in your department, check out how I can help with DISC for Teams.

How 1:1 Coaching Works

You are in control of the agenda for each session. 


You might be looking to: 

  • work through a challenging situation;

  • refine relationships with staff;

  • identify ways to prioritize your own well being;

  • consider a new step in your career; or

  • explore that "something" that seems to be missing in your life.

Coaching provides you with a confidential space and a partner to help you assess where you are now and determine how you might create the work life or personal life you desire. Through deep listening and strategic questions, I'll support you to evaluate and challenge any unhealthy mindsets as well as identify and overcome potential barriers that may be keeping you from where you want to be.  Sessions can be booked as needed or we can set up a series of meetings over time to support your vision and goals. 


To find out more, book a free, 30-minute Mini Coaching Session below.  I'd love to meet you!

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