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Live your best life with
The Coaching

Shelly Groom, Certified Life Coach
(Because you've only got one life.)

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You are here for a reason.  Is it a difficult decision? A difficult person?  A difficult job? A  

I create a safe and extremely confidential space for leaders and professionals to work through difficulties and uncertainty in order to find clarity and solutions. 

I don't train leaders HOW to lead, I support them AS they lead.

Why Coaching?

Every human has the ability to
to live their very best life.  

Sometimes, though, the journey can get a little muddled.  Work gets crazy, relationships can be challenging, change happens, or it just feels like something is missing.  
It can be hard to get the full perspective
on your own.
As your coach, I will hear you and see you in a way that is different from your bestie, your partner, your family, or the folks at work. 
Together, we'll find the "arial view" that can be difficult to see. You'll be able to find the answers that are already inside you.

At times when events at work and in the world dampen the spirit,

coaching brightens the path.

Marcia Reynolds


I look forward to connecting with you! 

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